Swedish Bingo Card

The Swedish Bingo Card differs between most other bingo cards in the world. It is completely unique to all of the other bingo games and cards which in return means an overall better unique experience for players. The Swedish bingo holds one main difference between all of the other bingo cards available in the world. Unlike other bingo cards that have a free space, Sweden chooses to remove that free space, taking the game back to its original format which was created all the way back in the late 1500’s.

Since there is no free space available on the Swedish bingo card everything changes. You no longer are one step closer towards winning a line win but this isn’t a bad thing as due to there being no free space the game instantly becomes harder to play. The space where the free symbol usually would stand in a regular bingo card must now be filled by a number being called by the dealer. This used to be the standard for bingo but once the rules of bingo was changed it became a norm for the free space to be added into a bingo card.

The first people to change the way bingo was played were the French. They thought to make what originally was a lottery more easily for their citizens so that more people would be able to win. This is why the French added the free space and the addition profited for their citizens as more people won the lottery. The lottery originated from Italy and originally didn’t have the free space.

Every version of bingo you find online regardless if it is 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, Mini Bingo or Progressive Bingo you won’t be able to find that free space. A study was taken more than three years ago with Swedish online bingo players and they were asked if you had the option to take on the free space that every other bingo card has would you? Over 90% of the people who play Swedish bingo said no they wouldn’t as the game become more thrilling and adventurous when you don’t have the free space.

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Cash Cabin
$200 Match bonus
885 22
Cyber Bingo
$25 Free Bingo Bonus
772 13
Bingo Billy
$30 Free
699 10
Jet Bingo
$200 Match bonus
684 5
Bingo Liner
$200 Match bonus
657 6
Bingo Cafe
$200 Match bonus
733 9

Best Swedish Online Bingo Cards

A lot of Swedish online bingo halls also choose not to provide their players with any promotions as the Swedish motto is “Play Hard, Win Big”. If you have the addition of promotions or special features it takes away the game and makes their original version of Bingo completely different. Bingo would be entered into a whole different category.

The Swedish version of bingo is by far the hardest but at the same time it is the most fun. You receive an experience you once thought you could never gain through bingo. Anyone who hasn’t played this version of bingo should do so now, you won’t be disappointed.