Samsung VR Gear Online Bingo

Playing bingo at any casino provides players with the buzz of easily accessible online casino game play. A thrilling experience to be sure, bingo has enchanted players at casinos for many years. The game of online bingo brings joy to millions of players on a daily basis, and has been a considerable success in terms of popularity as an online and mobile casino game. The mobile world has, however, just entered a fresh revolutionary phase with the recent introduction of Virtual Reality. Imagine the excitement and thrills of a totally immersive virtual reality game of bingo.

The first virtual reality devices that ready for consumers are now available and threaten to turn online immersion and gameplay on its head. The ability to be part of the game has always been appealing, and various companies have been working hard for the past few years to perfect this dream. Samsung VR Gear is the first VR headset available commercially and works extremely effectively with the latest Samsung smartphones. This list therefore includes the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge. The device is powered by Oculus software and is therefore very much at the cutting edge of the technology and of excellent quality. The headgear is preloaded with various 3D movie trailers as well as 360-degree videos. Players of this device have access to Oculus Video and Oculus Arcade for videos, games and casino play. There are also many games available at the Oculus Store.

The actual device is merely some 300 grams, and includes various internal gadgets that facilitate the experience. This includes an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a proximity sensor and a really broad field of view of up to 96 degrees. One can therefore easily appreciate the impact that Samsung VR Gear has on gameplay. Samsung have also managed to construct a headset that is now nearly a quarter lighter than the innovation models, is more comfortable to wear and the controls are also much more reactive.

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Casino Game Play

One of the great achievements of virtual reality game play is to be able to completely immerse the player in the game. This means that all excitement and adrenaline is amplified. And it also means that games that are normally exciting to play, on mobile or online, are even more intense when using a virtual reality headset. Therefore, as can be expected, the online casino industry have engaged this new market with a large variety of casino games. Poker, blackjack and various table games have been produced by a number of VR manufacturers, but one game that has heads turning is Samsung VR Gear online bingo.

Best Game on Samsung VR Gear

The reason for the appeal of Samsung VR Gear online Bingo is the fundamental simplicity of the game. The sustained levels of excitement are maintained by the lottery style play, the race to be the first to be able to call out ‘bingo’, plus the socially interactive capabilities Samsung VR Gear online bingo. Naturally the lucrative bingo bonuses and promotions add that financially rewarding aspect. Bingo is certainly a reason to use the Samsung VR Gear.