75 Ball Bingo Online in Sweden

75 Ball Bingo is a common bingo variant played both at online bingo sites and in the land based bingo clubs.  It is one of the most loved bingo game and all bingo enthusiast have had great gaming experience playing this variant.

With 75 Ball Bingo, there are only 75 bingo balls present in the game and when purchasing the bingo cards, you will notice that each card will be printed numbers one to seventy five. The bingo card has five columns consisting 15 numbers and depending on the bingo cards, some have colored bingo numbers.

The first column has numbers 1 to 15 and this column is usually colored Red or can be listed with a letter of B on the card. The second column will have numbers from 16 to 30 and these can be colored blue or listed as letter I. The third column has numbers 31 to 45 and these can be colored green or listed as letter N. The forth column has numbers from 46 to 60 and colored green or listed as letter G.  The last column has numbers from 61 to 75 and colored in yellow or listed as letter O.  With all bingo cards, there is a center position that is known as a free square and can be marked off before commencing game play.

Getting started with the game is easier and players simply need to know the rules of the game. These rules can be understood within a few minutes and you will be ready to commence game play. 75 ball bingo is widely played at nearly all online bingo sites and all you have to do is select the best online bingo hall.

 SiteBonusRatingReviewPlay now
Cash Cabin
$200 Match bonus
885 22
Cyber Bingo
$25 Free Bingo Bonus
772 13
Bingo Billy
$30 Free
699 10
Jet Bingo
$200 Match bonus
684 5
Bingo Liner
$200 Match bonus
657 6
Bingo Cafe
$200 Match bonus
733 9

Best 75 Ball Online Bingo Sites

After having chosen which bingo site to play with that suits your budget you will notice that most halls will also offer you free bingo games. After selecting the game, you would have to decide how many bingo cards you wish to play and these can be purchased immediately via the payment processor. Each card will have several numbers marked and as the game commences, a bingo ball is called out and if it matches with the number marked on your bingo card, a payout is awarded.

With 75 ball bingo, there are several patterns being played and during game play, the current pattern will be displayed on screen. If you are the first player to win the winning pattern, the bingo software will immediately call bingo and this pattern will end.  All winnings will be credited to your account.  This version of bingo has commonly played patterns are the single line games that consist of the corner to corner, line up, down, and across. A payout can be awarded for winning all four corners crossed off any bingo.

Start searching for an online bingo hall that you can start playing your favorite bingo game. Almost every online bingo hall will offer this version of bingo and many others.