History of Bingo Sweden

The history of bingo is long and illustrious. The game can be dated all the way back to 1530 in Italy during the 16th Century. During that time period this new game was called “Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia”, a famous lottery played by every citizen of Italy during that time period.

During the late 1700’s the game was introduced in France. France was forever changed in 1700 when the game came upon their shores and once it did the games name was changed to “Le Lotto”. The game was played on a card with nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. Each row held boxes that contained various numbers. The lottery would have a man choose those numbers randomly so that every citizen would have the equal opportunity of winning.

Germany on the other hand gained word of the new lottery that France and Italy loved. So they took the game as their own within the 19th Century and redesigned the game so that children in school could learn math, history and spelling. Through this those children became more intelligent and Germany proved that educational games are helpful. Still to this day Bingo is used for the same reason.

Eventually World War II came upon the world and had American citizens cross the sea in order to fight for their country. The soldiers passed the time waiting for enemies playing the game we now know as bingo. Originally the soldiers called Bingo “Tickets” but after the war everything changed for this game. In 1929 a man by the name of Edwin Lowe brought the game to the USA. He first unveiled the game at a Carnival in Atlanta and ever since then the game has been loved by millions of people. He changed the game in one major way, he added a free space directly in the middle of the bingo card. This allowed for a head start within the game and now we couldn’t imagine bingo without that free space.

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History of Online Bingo Sites

Once the game became more popular amongst the citizens of the USA and Britain people demanded more of it. This resulted in bingo halls being created by hundreds of entrepreneurs. You can still to this day find hundreds of bingo halls across the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and many more countries around the world. The Canadian, American and British Governments all legalized this game allowing for people to wager on the game. This in return changed everything we knew about Bingo again. People were no longer playing this game for the experience but were now playing the game in order to win some extra money.

Eventually the internet was invented and real money Bingo made a massive switch again. Software developers started creating online bingo for their loyal players, which resulted in millions of new people learning about the game and playing it. You can now find various online casinos that offer bingo games to their players or you can go to an online bingo hall which only offers bingo.