80 Ball Bingo Sweden

80 ball bingo is a bingo variant that is popular at land based bingo clubs and recently it is now available at several online bingo halls.  The game is becoming popular and many online bingo halls now offer this variant.  Before it was introduced to online bingo halls, the game was called shutter board bingo since shutters were used to cover the numbers but with  online 80 ball bingo, shutters are no longer used.

80 ball bingo is a fast paced game and its playing structure is different from the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball bingo. 80 ball bingo makes use of a bingo card with numbers from one to eighty and the board is similar to the 75 ball bingo.  It has 5 rows each with 16 numbers making a total of 80. The 80 numbers are split into four colored groups with twenty number intervals. The red group has numbers one to twenty, the yellow group has numbers twenty one to forty, the blue group has numbers forty one to sixty whilst the last group colored silver has numbers sixty one to eighty.

80 ball bingo consists of a variety of patterns that a player has to complete in order to win. However, these patterns will differ from one online bingo hall to another but these will offer the traditional full house card that only awards a win when players complete all numbers on the card matching to the numbers called out. The bingo patterns available include the horizontal bingo, diagonal bingo, vertical bingo, Four Corners, Big X, Centre Square and Blackout Bingo

Players would have to purchase as many bingo cards as you wish and these are automatically purchased by the bingo software. After the purchase of bingo cards, the game begins and bingo balls are called out. The first player to complete a predetermined pattern will call Bingo and the game ends.

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Best 80 Ball Online Bingo Sites

Other online bingo halls link the games to progressive jackpots thereby delivering great gaming action to all its players. Bingo is quite an easy game to play and the more tickets you buy is the more you are likely to complete a winning bingo pattern. 80 ball bingo is a variant that is not much different from the 75 ball bingo and it is a choice for those who seek to play a slightly different version of ball bingo when compared to the common 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo.

After having understood how 80 ball bingo is played, you would have to select an online bingo hall that offers this bingo variant.  You can even play 80 ball bingo free without making a deposit. All you have to do is register an account and claim your no deposit bonus or free play bonus for you to get started.